We have a variety of options available, depending on your needs and tastes:

  • Single vision lenses for simple distance or reading prescriptions.
  • Bifocal or varifocal lenses for people who require a different prescription for close work to distance (usually the over 40’s).
  • High index and aspheric lenses for thinner, lighter lenses.
  • Toughened lenses for high impact resistance/safety.
  • Photochromic lenses that change colour according to the light levels and protect against UV are available (some now even change in the car).
  • Prescription sunglasses including polarised tints, sports glasses, swimming goggles and safety glasses are all available.
  • Anti reflective coatings - to virtually elminate distracting reflections on the lens surface. This is especially useful for computer users and night driving.
  • Hard coats which can prolong lens life and are less liable to scratch.
  • Other coats include U/V block, water-repellent and blue light block.