This article, which appeared in The Times on Sunday 20th October 2015, shows just how much face shape is important in choosing the correct frames to make you look good.

Want to find the perfect pair of specs? It’s all about your faceshape...

To say that glasses are having a fashion moment is a huge understatement. They have become as essential as the latest clutch bag or must-have shoe. The geek chic look, with oversized frames, is still key. The other eyewear trend is jewellery inspired frames with metal finishes and jewelled arms. Bold colours are coming through for the autumn/winter season. There are a lot of tortoiseshells around, as well as rich blues, reds and even pinks.

Whether you’re wearing glasses for fashion or function, though, the key is to choose a style that you look good in. Considering your face shape is a good place to start. Glasses can really help to balance out your features. If, for example, you have a longer face, opt for a deeper frame to balance it out, while narrower lenses complement a shorter face.

So how do you work out your face shape? The forehead is a good place to start. Then you should consider the length of your face and your jawline. This will tell you if you have a round, square or heart-shaped face. Ultimately frame choice comes down to personal preference, but there are a few guidelines.

To learn more, read the full article in The Times Online here